About Taste of Nigeria African Cuisine (T.O.N.A.C)

Taste of Nigeria African Cuisine (T.O.N.A.C) is a Catering and Restaurant outfit with origination from African’s most populous nation,- Nigeria.
We specialized in Catering Services for all occasions and events such as:

→ Indoor and Outdoor parties.
→ Wedding Parties.
→ Birthdays.
→ Conference Meetings.
→ Annual General Membership Meetings.
→ Family Reunions.
→ Organization Parties.

  • Our aspiration as a corporate brand is to be the recognized leader in Catering and Restaurant business in Idaho by staking the standard higher such that families can achieve even greater and more affordable quality of life.
    Achieving this would be reflected through our originality which is not readily available in the valley, premium quality products and excellent customer service which form the essence of our business model.

  • To blend Nigerian or African delis into American culture with originality and taste of home away from home for all lovers of delicious, high quality food with no exceptions.”

  • “To provide a quality Nigerian/African deli at an affordable price with a top-notch customer service experience, to give you that taste of home away from home with no exceptions.”



    Blending Nigerian/African delis into American culture with originality and taste of home away from home, enjoying high quality food and comfort at the lowest price possible, giving you value for every penny.


    Whether you are a new or returning customer, we believe our customers are our greatest asset, and so, therefore, deserves to be treated with utmost respect and value in delivering an excellent service.


    100% Satisfaction guarantee does not only guarantee your happiness as our customer but also guarantee to leave you with a ``want to come back`` experience and a no opportunity for regret or whatsoever.